Renate 10 Year EP // Part I & Part II


Wilde Renate 10 Year EP part I & part II

We are bringing together the creative might of our residents to present the sound of Renate on a double release EP. Over the years, Renate has grown from a careless party to a glorious club. The people who came together under her roof and played music that made bodies pulsate with ecstasy have become benchmarks in the music industry of today. IN RENATE WE TRUST.

The first EP hosts a track from Peak & Swift, the colourful duo that inadvertently become the face of Renate today. Sebastian Voigt, the dark techno horse of the Renate tribe, adds a little mystic depth to the A-side. Samanta Fox & Oliver Klostermann bring their own brand of cosmic waves to the release while Johannes Albert, the wunderkind who broke free of Berlin's shackles, shows us his own definition of trance.

The second EP is visited by long time Renate friends dOP. This French house trio were there at the first Renate party and their techno stylings grace us with a linguistic masterpiece. Michal Zietara, the Polish heartthrob turned Bavarian mountain man is joined by Voe and together they created a breaky track with house additude. Homeboy’s Hadi is the Croatian’s transcultural arabesque composition that makes you feel as if you were wondering the streets of a far off city. Leading out the EP is Mehmet Aslan, our very own sultan of hamam swing, kicking up a sandstorm with this timeless musical oscillations.