offer for Social Media management

I am excited to offer its services to manage  your brand, social media management and potentially more.I will consult with you within the relevant context. 



Management of all aspects of your Facebook page, and engage new clients through strategic use of adverts. We will include third party posts and images which relate to your brand and will stimulate engagement. We will run competitions through the page to further stimulate growth. Events will be co-ordinated with you and will be publicised on all social media platforms.


Management of all aspects of your Instagram account, with a primary focus on hashtag performance based advertising, which is key for this platform.  


This is a preliminary task list for PR management:

Facebook  - Instagram

  1. Manage page – all aspects 

  2. 3 Engaging posts per week

  3. third party reposts

  4. boosted post per month (budget tailor made for you

  5. Stories


Xander will charge you the amount of 200 Euros per month for the above services. 

Once the initial payment is received we will begin by homogenising your brand


We hope you find our proposal to your agreement